Top 5: Herbs for Digestion

In herbal medicine there are several categories of herbs that can support digestive system health from gas and bloating to occasional constipation. Over the years as a clinical herbalist I have seen herbs support a wide range of gut health related issues including reducing flare ups to food sensitivities, easing gas and bloating, relieving occasional constipation, easing digestive cramps, helping with IBS symptoms and flare ups, nausea, and supporting overall digestive health. Below you'll find a list of 5 of my favorite medicinal plants used for digestive health from gut anti-inflammatories to carminatives (aromatic herbs that alleviate gas).*

1. Meadowsweet

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Scientific Name: Filipendula ulmaria, Rosaceae

Part used: Aerial parts

A soothing multi-faceted herb that’s incredibly restorative to the digestive system. The leaves, flowers, and roots are traditionally infused into tea, wine, and beer—likely to take the edge off, in more ways than one. A powerful aromatic to sweet-talk your gut out of misbehaving.*

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2. Fennel

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An aromatic herb with powerful digestive supporting properties. It's both a food and a medicine. The seeds are most commonly used in herbal medicine to ease gas and bloating. For those accidental "I ate too much" moments this wonderful digestive aid is perfect after meals to soothe that full feeling and ease gas and bloating.

Scientific name: Foeniculum vulgare, Apiaceae

Parts used: Aerial parts

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3. Marshmallow

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Scientific name: Althaea officinalis, Malvaceae

Parts used: Root and leaves

A demulcent root, which basically means it’s a moisturizer for your digestive system. We use the powdered root in our blends to nourish and calm the digestive system tissue.

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4. Chamomile

Scientific name: Matricaria recutita, Asteraceae

Parts used: Flowers

This iconic flower is both a nervine and a carminative, meaning it will calm the brain belly connection. Use the honey-like smelling flowers to ease digestive cramping and discomfort. An underrated herb for trying times.*

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5. Catnip

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Scientific name: Nepeta cataria, Lamiaceae

Parts used: Aerial parts

A neutralizing digestive system tonic, that’s irresistible to our feline friends. Try the leaves of this mint family herb to cool off fiery moments, ease nervous tension, and relieve occasional indigestion. Because sometimes, gut feelings aren’t so great.*

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