Zizia Botanicals

Zizia is a health and beauty company based in L.A. founded by herbalist Abbe Findley. We create all fun, no-fuss formulas for skin, good health, and everyday ails. Pure and potent, and forever fluff-free. We prioritize sourcing and using sustainable packaging and organic ingredients (whenever possible). Our herbalist-formulated clean skincare formulas are created in-house by Abbe blending together her love of herbal medicine and science. Each formula has been expertly researched and is rooted in time-tested traditions and clinical practice. Made for wherever you’re at and wherever you’re going.

Meet Abbe

Hi, I’m Abbe. I’ve been an herbalist for over 10 years. I call L.A. home, but I was born and raised on a small farm in Missouri. I hold a multitude of perspectives; my life is a mix of practicality and a love for the eccentric. There’s often a purist perspective in wellness—you won’t find that here. I love taking my herbs, getting outdoors, and living my life. Occasional Doritos and natty wine included. I believe in healthy living, in moderation. After 10+ years of doing this, I’ve got some strong ideas on how herbs actually work. My goal is to create herbs that go with you, no matter where you’re at. From herbal candies to skincare and tinctures, I make things I love taking. Here at Zizia, we believe that herbalism can be powerful AND fun.