For The Office/Studio

Gift recommendations for the studio and/or office, boss, employee, co-worker, or to take into the meeting.

Curb those mid afternoon sugar and coffee cravings (Mushroom Mesquite Powder).

Get you in the zone (Focus Tincture).

Nourish and calm your nerves and ease restlessness (Nerve Tincture/Relax Tincture).

Rescue those heart-aching racing thoughts with a rescue remedy, for those days when you need a flower hug, I mean emotional and mental support, for the heavy heart or to calm the nerves (11 Flowers Tincture).

Support immune health for in the moment symptoms (Immune Tincture).

Long term immune support, increase stamina, and energy (Reishi Astragalus Powder).*

Lastly, don't forget the skin. The Dirt 5 Flowers Face Mist is a favorite for hydrating the skin and offers a splash of aromatherapy in each spritz. The Dirt Body Balm is a must have for the desk, to keep those hands silky smooth, you can put this one everywhere!