How To Use Reishi Mushroom & Ashwagandha Root Powder?

If you're curious how you can take and use ashwagandha root powder, reishi mushroom powder, adaptogen powders, mushroom powders and more for on the daily ongoing support then learn about four of our favorite ways to use the Reishi Ashwagandha 9 Lives Drink Mix.


Jumpstart your morning with a cup of adaptogens, nervines, and mushrooms, with or without your AM coffee.


Brew into a delicious drink anytime throughout the day. For lazy lids in the afternoon or after dinner for dessert. Yes, with whipped cream on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


A travel companion. Our personal favorite method, request a giant cup of steamed milk at an airport coffee shop, stir in 1-2 tsp. of 9 Lives and a tsp. of honey for a soothing on-flight drink. 


Dose daily for ongoing support and energy.


After all, why should that 9 lives feeling only be reserved for cats? 

This invigorating blend of 11 mushrooms and herbs is meant to keep you agile, active, and worry-free. Jump-start your day with adaptogenic roots and restorative mushrooms to keep you powered throughout long days at the office and weekend adventures.

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