ZIZIA: On The Moods

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Zizia's archived weekly newsletters combined into one digital downloadable PDF. Learn all about The Gut from an herbalist's perspective in this months booklet. Written and compiled by Abbe Findley, May 2019.

Topics covered in this 17-page e-booklet include:

  • Three FREE tips that won't cost you a dime you can begin implementing today to improve your mental health.
  • Zizia's 3 favorite herbs for a racing mind, restlessness, and excess energy.
  • 6 reasons the herbs you are taking might not be delivering you the results you desire and how you can fix it!
  • 3 herbs for overwhelm + Zizia's protocol
  • 3 herbs for emotional support + Zizia's protocol
  • 3 herbs for stress + Zizia's protocol
  • 3 herbs for mild sadness + Zizia's protocol
  • Zizia's #1 favorite remedy that may ease social restlessness
  • 10 foods to improve your mood (includes links to studies and research)
  • Probiotics and the mood, which ones should you start taking? Find out in here!
  • What's up with fish oil? Can it really help the mood? Zizia's shares a few favorite reputable and high-quality brands.
  • Guidance on what supplements might really help with your mood (includes links to research and scientific studies)
  • Zizia's favorite formulas to build and tone the nervous system, safe, daily remedies, that are potent and made with organic plants.

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