ZIZIA: On The Liver

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Zizia's archived weekly newsletters combined into one digital downloadable PDF. Learn all about The Liver from an herbalist's perspective in this months booklet. Written and compiled by Abbe Findley, March 2019.

Topics covered:

  • 10 facts about the liver and its function
  • 10 indications for using herbs to support the health of your liver from a clinical herbalist 
  • Materia medica on five of Zizia's favorite herbs for liver support including how you can use them, which part, and how they are used in practice
  • A guide to a gentle cleanse including an 8-step guide to giving your body and mind a full reset including dietary, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions. Get more energy, better digestion, and improved liver function by following this 2-week challenge
  • Recipe: AM On-the-go Smoothie Recipe using Zizia powders
  • An opinion piece on detox and cleanse trends

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