ZIZIA: On The Basics

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Learn all about The Basics, a guide on taking herbal medicine and understanding different preparations commonly used. Written and compiled by herbalist Abbe Findley, July 2019.

Topics covered in this 12-page e-booklet include:

  • Learn what herbal tinctures are, how to take them, how they work, and why they are beneficial
  • Get a free dosage guide on taking herbal tinctures
  • Learn what herbal powders are, how to take them, how they work, and why they work
  • Get a free guide on Zizia's favorite and most recommended methods for taking herbal powders
  • Understand the differences between herbal infused oils and essential oils
  • Learn why taking essential oils internally might not be such a good idea and why
  • 9 ways to take herbal powders
  • Have you ever wondered how to take an herbal tincture so that it works?
  • Are you curious to learn more about the process that goes into creating powders, tinctures, and herbal skincare products?

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