ZIZIA: On Summertime Remedies

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Zizia's archived weekly newsletters combined into one digital downloadable PDF. Learn all about Summertime Remedies from an herbalist's perspective in this months booklet. Written and compiled by Abbe Findley, May 2019.

Topics covered in this 18-page e-booklet include:

  • Learn all about activated charcoal, using it both internally and externally
  • How to make an activated charcoal poultice for minor infections
  • What's Prickly Pear Cactus? Learn all about it and how to use it both as food and medicine
  • Using Prickly Pear pads for sunburns
  • How to gather Prickly Pear pads for medicinal use
  • An herbal approach to food poisoning 
  • Herbal protocol for HANGOVERS
  • Herbal remedies for bug bites including mosquitos, ants, spiders, chiggers, and more
  • An herbal approach to taking care of a minor dog and/or cat bite using common sense and plants
  • An herb to try for asthma
  • Zizia's favorite remedy for heat rash
  • How to make your own Oral Rehydration Solution at HOME using common kitchen ingredients
  • Disinfecting herbs for minor infections
  • Remedies for sunburns

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