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Evening Relaxation Kit (Booze/Smokes Replacements)

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Sleep Tincture, Relax Tincture, Calming Ziz Drop Sampler Pack

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Looking to cut back on booze and smoking for a better night's rest and a clearer morning? Turn these calming tinctures into evening time cocktails. Add 3-5ml of tincture to a glass of iced seltzer, squeeze in half a fresh orange, stir and sip.

Transform the Ziz Drop calming mini hard candies into a simple syrup, and stir in! Click here for full recipe.

This kit includes four calming formulas, feel free to mix and match.

Kit includes:

1-Sleep Tincture

1-Relax Tincture

1-Ziz Drops Sampler Pack

See each product page for full description, suggested use, good to knows, ingredient list, and individual plant benefits.

Evening Relaxation Kit (Booze/Smokes Replacements)

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