How To Take An Herbal Tincture?

Four ways you can enjoy the benefits of herbal tinctures daily. Herbal tinctures can support a wide array of health concerns including sleep, anxiety, digestion, immune health, hormone balance, stress relief, brain health, gentle detoxification, and the list goes on. When it comes to taking herbal tinctures, one of the most important things you can do is take them consistently which is typically 2-3x daily depending on the formula! Learn how you can take them daily and find the best method that works for you throughout your day. 

1. In water
Add 2-3ml of your favorite tincture to a splash of water.
2. Straight up
Drop straight on the tongue and chase with a little water. No need to take them under the tongue, they work either way!
3. In juice
If the flavor is too herby for your, try adding your does to a splash of apple or orange juice.
4. In a mocktail
Cut back on booze or turn your tincture into a relaxing drink experience. Add 3-5ml of any tincture to a glass of ice, top with seltzer and squeeze in half an orange. Stir and sip.

Formulas that work well for relaxing and can be used in place of your usually boozy happy hour. The Sleep Tincture, Relax Tincture, Nerve Tincture, and 11 Flowers Tincture all contain a dynamic blend of herbal nervines. Nervines benefit and support your nervous system health and are wonderful to include in your life to support your mental health and stress levels. 

All Zizia Botanicals tinctures are herbalist-formulated and made with thoughtful, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Explore the collection here