Top 5: Herbs for Anxiety

There are dozens of medicinal plants that may support your nervous system whether it's pulling you out of a mental rut or calming a racing mind. Below are 5 of the best herbs for anxiety, the ones I've personally come to love from nearly ten years of studying and practicing herbalism. Nervines are a category of herbs that may tone, nourish, and restore the nervous system, the herbs below fall into this category. Herbs aren't limited to one category, many fall into others as well, proving further that herbs are multidimensional in their actions and uses.

1. Passionflower


Scientific name: Passiflora incarnata, Passifloraceae

Part used: leaves, flowers

This unforgettable bloom is a powerful nervine, ideal for nervous tension and a busy mind. We use the aerial parts of this vine in our formula. Made for the days when you want to tune out and turn off.*

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2. Kava Kava


Scientific name: Piper methysticum, Piperaceae

Parts used: Root

A strong nervine that packs a punch against nervous stress, usually due to overwork and an emotional hangover from being ‘on’ all the time. We use this herb’s roots, which may give your tongue a little tingle—that means it works (thanks to the kavalactones present in the root). Our go-to for tension, easing a racing mind, and in place of that stiff dirty martini at the end of the day.*

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3. Skullcap


Scientific name: Scutellaria lateriflora, Lamiaceae

Part used: aerial parts

A nervine and tonic that helps to curb stress and support overall nervous system support. We use the stems, leaves, and flowers. Unmatched support for when you’re tense, frazzled and have a plate that’s a little too full.*

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4. Valerian


Scientific Name: Valeriana officinalis, Caprifoliaceae

Part used: Root

A night-time nervine perfect for when you need to come down from a go-go-go kinda day. We use the plant’s intensely aromatic roots. Take it when you’re over counting sheep.*

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5. Lavender


Scientific name: Lavandula spp., Lamiaceae

Part used: aerial parts

A peaceful and restorative nervine and carminative. We use the plant’s feel-good flowers, rich in uplifting essential oils. For when you need to stop and smell the flowers.*

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